4 ธันวาคม 2551

What defines india? The feeling of you getting ripped off in any minutes?  You can't relax because the unexpected is expected. Kolkata teaches you to just let go of your expectations.  The land is so real it can shake the most courageous man.  The city of 13 million people means you can bump into a person once and she will forever disappear from your life altogether.  Don't talk foolishly about the present moment.  You have to be present "here and now" all the time in order for you to maintain all your limbs attached well to your body.  The noise of the traffic is the only constant companion here.  Don't eat just rice because it won't get you thru the day.  You need the roti somtimes fried with greasly dark liquid, the socalled "oil".  

    'would any Thai people want to come to Kolkata?  What would be a few good reasons for him/her to come to this place?  Food?  Not really.  A Thai person can only take so muchh indian food.  The food is heavy, it's oily and has not many fresh vegetables.  Sightseeing?  What is there to be seen and cherish?  Not with an untrained and inexperienced eyes and mind.  See if you can tolerate the sight of a small child eating and sleeping on the footpath... (ended here because the ordered food were served at the table.)